Saturday, January 7, 2017

Poke a horrior SJW, and they're horrified by you

My friend Brian Niemeier, author of the excellent Soul Cycle, last night posted a reaction to the thing that calls itself Doris V. Sutherland (a 6 ft. tranny) whose original post he archived here. I wouldn't even bring this up, as Brian does a good job fisking the post, except that Doris went off target and after me a bit as well. Brian, being a wise and generous man, didn't touch those sections, but mentioned them and tagged me on twitter. So, let's start on the side rant against me.

My new comments in bold, his(and my quote) in italics.

Here is his reply to my comment about Souldancer‘s lack of reviews online:
Maybe some of us realize how active your type is at disemployment. Maybe we were busy reading books. At any rate, it’s not your crappy pastiche of urban fantasy, faerie tales, and WoD fanfic that you love.
Genesson starts his three-pronged rebuttal by suggesting, bizarrely, that people who give positive reviews to Souldancer are in danger of losing their jobs. He seems to expect us to believe that the legions of Souldancer fans have gathered into some kind of Fight Club-like underground subculture that dare not speak its name.

Well, you quoted accurately. That's a good start. You realize my rebuttal is three pronged, also true, you're making some progress. Then you think that it bizarre that I think you're crowd might go after our jobs.  Seeing as I've gotten threats over my opinions, I don't think it bizarre at all, especially after Brendan Eich, Sir Tim Hunt, and James Watson. And let us not forget Emily Youncis, fired from her pistachio selling gig for having the wrong thoughts.

Fight Club type subculture? Aren't you projecting. I'm mostly a reviewer and commenter on stuff. Some folks like it. It's not like I'm Russell Newquist, with a dojo and a publisher to run. That might be closer in his case. MIGHT. 

He then suggests that fans are too busy reading books to leave reviews,

Well, some folks are. Others are intimidated by those writing better reviews than they will. Not everyone has your (or my) idea that their thoughts are relevant to more than just themselves.

an argument which ignores the basic fact that fandom is built upon discussing media as well as consuming it

No wonder "fandom" is filled with OCD liberals that can't stand being disagreed with.  You also just explained how most fanfic came into being. 

a work that is not being discussed clearly has no fandom.

What?  No, it has fewer obsessives.  Which is why the mystery genre is healthier than SFF or horror; fans don't do massive cons as much, and stick mostly to reading. So the market can tolerate experiments and reward what works. 

 But most interesting of all is his third assertion: that I prefer “crappy pastiche of urban fantasy, faerie tales, and World of Darkness fanfic”.

Well, at least you find it interesting. 

This irrelevant ad hominem 

We agree that it may be an ad hominem, that doesn't mean it ain't true.  Truth isn't a logic class. Try harder.

(I was talking about whether a book is popular, rather than whether I personally like it)

That's a little better. But, all the Dragon Award is, is a popularity contest. You and yours didn't show. I thought fandom cared.

  seems to be a response to my earlier comment that the Sad Puppies have shown little interest in horror fiction.

Put out good books, and people will read them. Period. And what fool said I was Sad? I'm a Rabid Puppy. Clearly you can't be trusted to tell the truth further than my sister could throw your fat ass.

Genesson is trying to give the impression that he and the other Puppy supporters are actually hardened fans of the horror genre; but as he has no evidence to back up this claim, he settles for simply impugning my own tastes.

So those are your tastes? I never claimed to be a "hardened fan of the horror genre".  I read a lot. Some horror gets in, some true crime, some crime novels, some mystery, some theology, biography and more. I like a diversity of stories. This informs my tastes, clearly yours are deformed. 

He has no idea where my tastes lie, of course, and so makes a wild stab-in-the-dark involving urban fantasy pastiche and World of Darkness fanfics (a description that, amusingly enough, is not too far from Declan Finn’s Puppy-approved Honor at Stake).

I don't recall a hate for Christianity being anywhere in his novels, nor an annoying and stupid clan warfare bit with drug and sex addled lower classes.  His vampires follow theological rules and are individuals, subject to a singular council, not part of WoD clan structures. Again, try harder.  

As to your tastes, I'm guessing you might read some Walter Breen.

 Behind all of the bluster, Genesson’s post marks an attempt to frame the Puppies as the true custodians of horror fiction, with Brian Niemeier and (presumably) Declan Finn being the toasts of horror fandom. As for those horror fans who do not read Niemeier or Finn, well, they are merely consumers of urban fantasy and other forms of horror-lite. As I have already shown, this is a complete reversal of the truth.

True custodians? That whole idea is what got the Sad and Rabid Puppies started. No genre should have such, as no man is infallible.  If Declan and Brian were the toasts  of horror fandom, it would be more civilized, wiser, and more attractive to women than you. I didn't call anyone a poser, you did. Stop projecting.


And then he goes back to bashing Brian, continuing to lie and obscure the truth.

Now, that said, the horror community may indeed be kinder and more civilized than SFF fandom at large. I've indeed heard that from multiple sources. I hope that Doris doesn't represent it for certain, because he employs exactly the attitudes, methods, and lies that we are accustomed to from SJWs in SFF.

Oh, and Doris, if you don't want us to claim this year's Dragon of Horror, better get you and yours to show up. We will be returning.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.


  1. Well said, sir.

    SF SJWs are no match for you.

  2. What a dick...ah jerk this guy Sutherland is. I think I may be forced to read your books just to piss it off.

    1. I'm honored. One small problem. I don't have any books of my own as yet. Currently, I'm just a blogger.

  3. Congratulations on pissing off another SJW.