Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Chicago Question

As a resident of the most corrupt state in the union, I feel the urge to rant a bit concerning that place.  The rates of shootings and homicides have skyrocketed for over a year, to the point where a weekend with 34 deaths is considered SLOW, and will rarely gain mention within non-local news.

The mayor and the ACLU have shackled the police with enough paperwork that even a routine traffic stop generates hours of work. There are neighborhoods where the police are reluctant to go without backup.

In addition to this, Chicago regularly exports its criminal element to the rest of the state, creating problem areas in small cities throughout. Not to mention the drain of the state coffers the city is and remains. For some reason, many people seem to think that Chicago is amazing, and nothing happens anywhere else.

The President has found it appropriate to give an ultimatum to the mayor of Chicago within his first week: get the homicides taken care of, or I'll send in the National Guard. I personally wouldn't waste the Guard on Chicongo. In addition to its impressive murder rates, for nearly a century Chicago has been home to rampant voter fraud. The joke is so common and old that it isn't even up for debate. With the influx of refugees and illegal immigrants, Chicago has become even worse in all these aspects.

Illinois needs a drastic solution. Every now and then, lawmakers propose making a second state along some lines, usually an arc around Chicago, with creative one extending up to and around Milwaukee, ridding two states of parasitical gorilla cities that drain the resources of the rest of the populace. I personally think these measures don't go far enough.

We need to stop Chicago from polluting the rest of the state with its poisonous brand of identity politics, and exporting the proponents thereof. Certainly, the universities within the state also pollute the state, as do the public schools. But Chicago remains the largest source of poison to the state.

We need a wall. Yeah, a big wall with guard towers. Perhaps some sea mines to prevent maritime escape. Shut down the highways and airports. How do we fund this? By making it a reality show, preferably produced by John Carpenter and hosted by Kurt Russell. I here and now ask for President Trump to start taking steps to making Escape from Chicago a reality. The ratings would be YUGE.

 When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

Yes, I'm somewhat joking. But not entirely.

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